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Yearly Workshops and Sessions

Tuesday - Friday 16:00-19:00 & Saturday 09:00-12:00

Academic Drawing

Mediums and observational techniques are the basic elements that help you depict any subject observed from three to two dimensions. By exploring basic materials, we propose exercises and projects that will fine tune your observational and drawing skills.

We start off in a studio – based workshop research to learn in depth both materials and drawing/measuring techiniques. But we do not stop there.

Outdoor drawing trips and visits to cultural institutions enhance and strengthen the learning experience. By exiting the formal studio space the observational challenges multiply and your sensory stimuli will demand your technical skills to express your surroundings.

Let’s Draw.

Monday - Friday 15:00-20:00 & Saturday 10:00-13:00

Portfolio Preparation

Deciding that visual arts is your route in life is an important process. In order to apply for local and overseas universities to study subjects of Art and Design, one needs to refine his/her drawing, observational and project development skills to a certain level and work hard in developing and presenting a solid body of work as an art portfolio. 
Portfolio styles vary according to the disciplines and subjects one decides that are interesting to them. Our team has the experience to evaluate each individual’s qualities and dynamics, advise them and of course listen to to each one’s dreams and aspirations.
We guide attendees to build the ideal portfolio depending on the direction decided after a process of investigating relevant educational institutions, understanding their teaching styles and requirements, whilst at the same time work hard on educating the student on how they will lead their projects and artworks, both for portfolio and later academic studies.

Monday - Friday 15:00-20:00 & Saturday 10:00-13:00

Art Examinations Preparation

We prepare individuals who are interested in undertaking art examinations like IGCSE and A’ Level. Prior knowledge of materials and drawing techniques are essential before deciding to aim to such examinations, so it is advisable that one develops these skills to a basic level before considering these exams.

We evaluate previous work and advise if any preliminary work should be done before entering the examination process – if the pre – existing work or pure talent is solid enough, we take the leap and go directly into the game!

Monday 17:00-20:00

Life Drawing Sessions

The human figure is perhaps one of the greatest subjects for one to study. It’s multifold expressions and complexity sets it as the perfect challenge for the artistic eye and hand. For this reason we treat our life drawing sessions as one of our most essential towards the mastering of the artist’s skills. Even in architecture, academics will ask to see if a student is able to depict the human figure, as he/she will be asked to “house” that same body with their future architectural designs.

Experienced artists or hobbyists are invited to attend the sessions.

Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-13:00

Adults Workshops

Art as a hobby is perhaps one of the most therapeutic and enjoyable activities anyone can undertake. We create a trusting relationship with our adult students, discover with them their interests and aspirations and develop a fully personalised delivery approach to suite the needs of each one. The freedom of unbound discovery of the “languages” of art more than often unfold unique expressive styles and subjects. 

Adults who are interested in taking their art practises into different directions e.g. developing a solid body of work for exhibition, discovering new expressive media that may lead them beyond our workshops practises and even deciding in their maturity to study the arts at an academic level, are supported and guided by our experienced team of resident artists/educators and external collaborators. Every day is a new start.

Wednesday 16:00 - 18:00 & Saturday 09:00 - 11:00, 11:30-13:30

Little Artists Workshops

Creativity, imagination and ingenuity are just three words describing the effect of art on children.

Giving children the space and freedom to express and discover their own descriptions of their thoughts and ideas, the Little Artists Kids Workshop develops at the same time fine motor skill, problem solving and creative thinking.

We are not afraid of paint on our aprons or clay on our fingers and tables! Crafting, drawing, painting and many more activities will produce the most precious artworks a parent could ever own! Seperate age groups are formed in order to deliver the appropriate teachings for every age.

Small groups of children enhance the experience but at the same time leaves us with limited places. Contact us for more details.